Welcome to WSOTC

The purpose of this Club shall be to further dog obedience training,
dog obedience trials, agility trials, tracking tests, and other activities
consistent with these purposes.

WSOTC is the only AKC obedience member club in the state.

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The A-frameAgility Trials
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Upcoming Seminar:
Tracking Judges' Seminar,
May 31, 2015

Seminar: Laura Romanik
Driving for Successful Performance

September 26 & 27, 2015 Link to flyer

Spring Obedience Trial March 28-29/15. Link to flyer

General Meetings:

NOTE!: Change in Awards/General Meeting schedule!
See Meetings and Events Dates for further information.

WSOTC is selling some of its equipment,
 here is the inventory of items for sale:

Rubber Matting: $0.50 a foot.  Multiple rolls are available.

Wood baby gates (unpainted). In excellent condition.
 One 10’ section with one upright: $20.00 - Additional uprights are $6.00.
 There are enough sections to build a ring approximately 40' x 50'.
For photos of the matting and baby gates, click here:  pictures

For further questions about the equipment being sold,
please contact Don Rennick: 360-659-1418, the Club's Vice President.
 The equipment is in Lake Stevens, WA.
 Must pick up - no deliveries.